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Carinthia is Austria´s most meridional region: it offers not only breathtaking landscapes and mountains of every form and elevation, but also a large amount of rivers, thermal sources and more than 1200 lakes with very pure water. And between bicycle tours and wellness treatments, there are not missing the offers for cultural trips and spectacles. Perfect conditions for a vacation with the whole family!

Would you like to spend a holiday in the nature? Well! So, Carinthia is the ideal destination for you! For who searches mountains, the sweetness of the hills and the purity of air and nature – you will find them in the beautiful region of Carinthia!

A very funny vacation for the whole family: discover together the breathtaking landscape, making beautiful walking tours, riding a bicycle on the bike-routes alongside the lakes and rivers, practice the numerous sport activities which are offered or go and visit the cities and the little centres, castles, parks, ect.



We show you some tourist zones, amusements, pastimes and entertainments for the whole family near our hotel.


  • Celtic Village: Just in front of the Aktiv Hotel Gargantini there is a Celtic Village, where you con go for a walk, discovering the ancient world of the Celts, with nearby a playground for children.


  • Animal and wildlife park: only 1km away from our hotel there is a beautiful animal park, which you can reach by feet. Visit the wild animals like bisons, deers, moufflons and other and see them from near. Nearby there is a beautiful castle with an exhibition and Austria’s largest maze.

  • The lake “Wörthersee”: less than 5km away from the hotel, there is Carinthia’s largest lake, 15km long, and it’s ideal for lake-tours with a ship, wandering, or visit the places, which surround it. In the summertime you have the possibility to go swimming in this beautiful and very clear water. For who loves to gamble, there is the casino in Velden, you reach it in 5 minutes by car from the hotel.


  • The lake “Faakersee”: 10km from the hotel, there is a beautiful lake, with a huge amusement park for children and a lot of other attractions.




  • The castle of Finkenstein: 10km away from the hotel




The castle of Landskron: 12km away from the hotel, there is the amazing castle of Landskron, inimitable in it´s genre, it offers every day spectacular bird shows, it´s possible to see the raptors form the near.


  • Lake of Ossiach: 15km from the hotel you have the possibility to take a shipping trip.


  • The city of Villach, 15km away from the hotel, is one of the most beautiful cities to visit, go shopping in the historic city centre, or going on a shipping trip on the river Drau.

  • Mount “Gerlitzen”: 15 Km away from the Hotel, is a aerial passenger tramways and mountain roads lead to the top of this beautiful mountain for hiking tours or for the breathtaking view.



  • The “Villacher alp”: 20km distant from the hotel, a mountain road leads you into a beautiful zone with breathtaking panorama, and a botanic garden.

  • The city of Klagenfurt, 25km from the hotel, is Carinthia´s capital, it´s beautiful city centre and an amount of interesting museums are a magnet for tourists.



  • A tour with the steam train in Ferlach, 25km away from the hotel.


  • Canyon “Tscheppaschlucht”: 27km distant from the hotel, a path curls along a torrent which ends in a canyon of rocks.



  • The beautiful medieval city of Friesach, 40km from the hotel.



  • The cave of Obir, a unique experience.



In addition there are numerous museums of really every type:

  • Museum of mushrooms in Treffen, 20 km

  • Museum of the city of Villach, 15km

  • Hunting and hunting weapons museum in Ferlach, 25km

  • Museum of story and science in Klagenfurt, 25km

  • Bee-museum, 20km away from the hotel

  • Old-timer-museum in Villach, 15km

  • Torture-museum in the castle of Sommeregg, 45km

  • Porsche-museum in Gmünd, 50km

  • Fishing-museum in Feld am See, 30km

  • Museum and Tibetan centre in Hüttenberg, very interesting museum concerning the life of the carinthian H. Harrer, who is the author of “7 years in Tibet”, 45km



For the children are more creative and fun attraction:

  • the world of the dwarfs in Gurktal
  • the fairytale park and the mouth of the dragon
  • the alp of Heidi
  • huge playground Arneitz at the lake Faakersee



Sport activities:

  • Horse riding: who likes to spent a horse riding vacation in Carinthia, has done the right decision , because of the more than 1000km of horse riding ways, this region offers one of the longest and most beautiful courses of Europe. Only 10km away from the hotel you have the possibility to go on horse riding trips in the middle of the nature.

  • Golfing: playing golf in Carinthia means, to practice this nice sport in the middle of an breathtaking landscape immersed trough mountains and lakes, near the hotel there are numerous golf courses opened for all.




  • Mountain biking: hundreds of chilometers of cycling courses and riding possibilities in the middle of the nature or along the rivers; near the hotel it’s possible to rent bicycles.

  • Trekking: numerous paths in different levels of difficulty lead to beautiful places.



  • Swimming: possible in all of the large quantities of lakes near the hotel.


  • Miniature golf: possible near the hotel.


The most interesting thing about the tourist attractions in Carinthia is, that there is offered a “Kärnten card”, which you can buy and which allows you for a maximal durance of two weeks to visit FREE and so many times as you want museums, touristic structures, panoramic roads, aerial passenger tramways, boat-lines, beaches, and amusement parks. You can buy the “Kärnten card” in every tourist office, for the costs of 34€ for adults, 14€ for children (6 – 15 years), while the “Kärnten card” for children under six years and from your third child, is FREE.









What to during the wintertime?

In the wintertime it´s possible to practice a lot of different activities in Carinthia: alpine skiing, cross – county – skiing, ice – skating, tobogganing, and, of course, fishing and ice – fishing.

From 15 Km of the Hotel can you find the "Kàrnten Therme" of Villach (Swimming-pool, sauna) and many other fun things to do with family.

Not very far away from the hotel, there are beautiful ski pists and a lots of skiing zones: Gerlitzen, odental, Bad KLeinkirchheim and Dreiländereck are just a few of the possibilities for skiing. It´s also possible to go ice-skating on the frozen lakes or to enjoy a tour of cross – country – skiing in the middle of the winter nature.

An other alternative for wintertime are the Christmas markets, which, in the period before Christmas, animate the city centres of Villach and Klagenfurt.



all images on this page are taken from:   www.kinderfreunde