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Our friend Paolo with a big Huco Huco caught in the Drava river!


A beautiful Huco Huco caught in the Gail with fly fishing!


Sara with a beautiful carp caught in the Kucher Au lake!

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Un CASTORO che nuota in SORGIVA

Release di uno spettacolare Huco

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Length: 10 Km

Place: from the all over the year

The rules:

The fish water is a salmon zone, where you can practice fly fishing and spinning, use only artificial baits with a single not-barbed hook, this section is a NO KILL fish water!

The fish:

Greyling:          *****

Rainbowtrout:     ***

Brown trout:       **

Danube trout (Huco Huco):        **

This fish water could be defined a huge torrent with strong currents and some water falls. The water’s lever and it’s quality, change a lot in the course of the year, in the summer time, for example, because of the snow melting and the frequent rains, the river has a high water level. The best fishing season is the autumn, other good month for catching some big fish are March, April and May.

The fish water is very rich of greylings, which can reach especially large sizes, so the fishing is concentrated on this type of fish, as they frequently reach more than 50cm of length. Beside this beautiful greylings, the fish water is well populated by big and competitive rainbowtrouts and beautiful brown trouts.

In the winter moths, there can be practiced the catch for the Huco Huco, the danubian salmon, which is very present in this waters. There are some exemplars over 20kg.

Ideal fishing tackle for spinning (only in the spinning – zone)

Use a medium spinning rod, long 2,40/2,70m, with a 20/40gr. grammage, a line of 0,25mm, casting and trolling spoons, and current minnows. For the Huco-fishing, instead, which is practiced generally in the winter months, use a heavy rod up to 100gr. of circa 3 meters with a nylon line of 0,40mm. All the baits have to have a single not-barbed hook.




Length: 4 Km

Place: St. Jakob - Rosenbach

Fishing-season: all the year


It´s only allowed to fish with one single fly, without a barbed hook. It´s forbidden to keep any fish, this fish water, like all the others, is a NO KILL zone.

The fish:

Brown trout:        ***

Rainbowtrout:     **

Charr:       *

The fish water Rosenbach is a small mountain torrent, which descends from the Karawanken Alps. Our fishing section begins at the electrical generating station of Rosenbach and ends at the the Rosenbach´s water mouth in the river Drau.

The torrent here is principally formed by small currents, small skips and waterfalls, with some beautiful holes especially beneath the waterfalls. The water is always clear and not very cold; this fact allows a major activity of fish as well in the winter months. The average depth is circa 30/40 to 70/80cm, the not very strong gush of water makes out of this place the ideal fishing water for practicing ultra-light fishing techniques. The shores are free and easily approachable and permit to move backwards along the river. The best period is from end of March/beginning of April to the beginning of November.

Ideal fishing tackle for spinning:

For spin-fishing in this water, use a very light tackle: a rod long 1,80m, a 0,18mm line and casting and trolling spoons with little grammage, with not-barbed hooks.


Chalk stream


Length: 9 km (4 km fly fishing zone + 5 km spinning zone)

Place: from St. Johann to the confluence with the river Drau in Ferlach

Fishing season: all over the year

The rules:

This fish water is divided in two zones: the fly fishing zone is the under part, from the bridge of Stau downstream and here only fly fishing, with one fly and non-barbed hook is permitted, all other fishing techniques are forbidden!

From the bridge of Stau upstream, there is the spinning-zone, but it’s allowed to practice fly fishing there as well. For spinning in this section, you may use artificial baits with non-barbed hooks, minnows as well. As in the fly wishing zone as in the spinning zone it’s not allowed to keep any fish, the chalk stream is a NO KILL fish water!

The fish:

Brown trout:      *****

Rainbowtrout:     ****

Char:       **

Greyling:           ***

Danube trout:      **      

The Chalk Stream is an unique paradise for fly-fishing; it´s affected by unbelievable clear water with drinking water quality and a beautiful, natural ambience where the water of the spring searches it way through the green of the nature.

The littoral zones are a perfect place for refuges and spawn places for the fish. The large amount of trees and branches are a little difficulty for the angler, but offer to the fish (which generally eat wasps, ants, caterpillars and other insects, falling from the branches into the water) a natural food source.

The fly-fishing-zone of the Chalk Stream is especially filled with greylings, which can grow up to a length of 50cm. Beside really beautiful, autochthon brown trouts, there are a lot of rainbowtrouts and charres, which can reach unbelievable dimensions.

Ideal fishing tackle for spinning (only in the spinning zone!)

Use a light spinning rod, long 1,80/2,10 meters with a casting potency of circa 10-30gr., a line of 0,20mm. As baits we advice the use of rotating casting and trolling spoons, trout minnows with the size of 2 or 3 from the type Martin of 6/9 gr. You can use larger minnows as well, for not catching the smaller touts, and rubber baits. All of these baits are not allowed to have a barbed-hook.



The Lake of Kuker Au

Dimension: circa 2,5 hectare

Place: St. Margareten im Rosental

Fishing season: all the year, beside when the lake is frozen

The rules:

It’s forbidden to use living baits and to keep any fish in fishing nets and bow nets. The use of barbed hooks (as well on artificial spinning baits) is not allowed. You may fish only with lines over 0,20mm.

As this is NO KILL fish water as well, you may not keep any fish!

The fish:

Carp:           *****

Pike:           ****

Barb:          ****

Bream:       *

Tench:       ***

Chub:          **

The lake ha san average depth of 2m to 3,5m, it’s characterised by a very sandy ground with zones rich of grass. With success there are practiced carp fishing, pike-spinning and fishing with the float for carps, tenches, breams, barbs and white fish,

Ideal tackle for spinning:

Rod with a size of 2.70m with medium/heavy grammage, line of 0,30 and rubber baits for pikes or minnows; a steel wire is obligatory.