CATCH OF THE DAY (Fly Fishing)

A nice char caught in the Chalk Stream! 18.8.2018

CATCH OF THE DAY (various techniques)

A nice  Carp caught with mais! 18.8.2018

COVER OF THE MONTH (Various Technique)

A beautiful carp catch on the Kucher Au lake 22.6.2018


Our friend Cedric Nolin with a beautiful Huco Huco catch in the Chalk Stream 22.6.2018

Our's Record

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Our's Video


Un CASTORO che nuota in SORGIVA

Release di uno spettacolare Huco

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Aktiv Hotel Gargantini

"The future of fishing"

Problems with high and dirty waters?

Not in our fish waters! The river Möll and Sorgiva as the lake of the pikes Kucher Au are always fishable!! (Otherwise we are going to make restitution of your hotel and travel costs)!


From the 1st of December, in our fish waters a“biological block” begins, which lasts until the 1st of April 2018.
This permits us, to insert young fish (greylings and trouts) to our waters and furthermore, to deposit circa 200 containers of Vibert (fertilized eggs) in our rivers. Doing this operation for some years now, today in our fish water there is present a
“Bio – fish”!

The exclusive club of fishing, free time, sports, mushrooms, nature, tourism, culture and especially relax.

If you can succeed it, to make your waters drinkable and let them flow through a enchanting landscape of spruce woods, it would be like fishing in our reservoir.

We are waiting for you! Aktiv Hotel Gargantini – with all heart.

For all informations, send an e-mail to:


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