CATCH OF THE DAY (Fly Fishing)

A beautiful Rainbow trout caught in the Mòll river! 19-9-2018

CATCH OF THE DAY (various techniques)

A nice  Carp caught in the Kucher Au lake! 19-9-2018

COVER OF THE MONTH (Various Technique)

A big carp over 20 Kg caught with boiles! 4-9-2018


Alberto with a big rainbowtrout caught with nymphe! 4-9-2018


Sara with a beautiful carp caught in the Kucher Au lake!

Our's Record

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Un CASTORO che nuota in SORGIVA

Release di uno spettacolare Huco

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Aktiv Hotel Gargantini

The Aktiv Hotel Gargantini is a family establishment, witch is located in the beautiful carinthian region „Rosental“. It is very close to the Italian national border.

The hotel provides a large amount of special offers for fishermen, mushroom pickers and families. In addition to countless private fish waters, in the hotel there are amongst other things, separate rooms for the safekeeping of the fishing equipment and the bites, as well as a room for the professional handling and custody of mushrooms.

The Gargantini-family, the hotel and the breathtaking fish waters often get destination of international, famous fishermen, who spend their holiday here.
Actually important personalities and many more friends as the following belong to the constant guest of the Aktiv Hotel: Milo Colombo, Jacopo Falsini, Roberto Ripamonti, Paul Kerry, Renzo della Valle, Alberto Salvini e Marika Cicoria, Roberto Trabucco, Francesco Palù, Frantisek Hanak, Antonio Pozzolini, Gionata Paolicchi, Ermes Perin, Roberto Cazzola, Luciano Cerchi, Ighli Vannucchi, Riccardo Galigani, Sebastiano Rossi.


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