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Our friend Paolo with a big Huco Huco caught in the Drava river!


A beautiful Huco Huco caught in the Gail with fly fishing!


Sara with a beautiful carp caught in the Kucher Au lake!

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Un CASTORO che nuota in SORGIVA

Release di uno spettacolare Huco

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Carp Fishing

For those, who like to catch some real huge carps over 20kg, we have disposable all the possible zones: from the river to the lake.


Dimension: circa 2,5 hectare

Place: St. Margareten im Rosental

Fishing season: all the year, beside when the lake is frozen


The rules:

It’s allowed to use 2 rods per person, the use of maggots and fish pasture is not limited. It’s forbidden to use alive fish as bites and to keep fish in fishing nets and bow nets. The use of barbed hooks is forbidden, as well for the spinning artificial bites, it’s only allowed to fish with lines over 0,22mm.

It’s not allowed to keep any fish, it’s a NO KILL fish water!


The fish:

Carp: *****

Pike: ****

Barb: ****

Bream: *

Tench: **

Chub: ***


The lake ha san average depth of 2m to 3,5m, it’s characterised by a very sandy ground with zones rich of grass. With success there are practiced carp fishing, pike-spinning and fishing with the float for carps, tenches, breams, barbs and white fish.


Ideal tackle for fishing with the float:

We give you the advice to use a Bolognese rod, long circa 5m, the reel charged with a 0,22mm line, floats from 1g to 3g and 14/16mm hooks.

Ideal tackle for ledgering and carp fishing:

Feeders and leads of medium grammage, type method, as bites use boilies and maize.

Ideal tackle for spinning:

Rod with a size of 2.70m with medium/heavy grammage, line of 0,30 and rubber baits for pikes or minnows; a steel wire is obligatory.

Photo Kuker Au>>




Length: 1,6 km

Place: from the embankment dam to the harbor, 1,6 km downstream

Fishing season: all the year

Gush of water: 486 m³ per second


The rules:

It’s allowed to use 2 rods per person, the use of grubs and fish pasture is unlimited. It’s forbidden to use not-biodegradable nets for the feeding, and it’s not allowed to keep any fish in the bow nets.

You may keep 3 fish a day, if they accord with the minimal dimensions and with the close seasons, but you have to register them in you fishing ticket.


The fish:

Nasen:            *****

Bream:            ****

Chub:       ****

Barbel:             ***

Trout:              ***

Carp:             ***

Pike:             **


The river here has a large gush of water, it’s characterized of fast cornets, with an average depth from 2 to 3 meters.

It’s ideal for practicing the fishing with the Bolognese or heavy ledgering. After having fed with a lot of fish pasture and grubs, because of the irregular and fast current, you fish predominately near the shore.

Ideal tackle for Bolognese fishing

Use a Bolognese rod with a length of 6m or 7m, a line of 0,18mm – 0,16mm, a float from 4 to 12gr, the terminal short and with a line of 0,14/0,16mm, the sinkers very collected and a hook of 14/16.


Ideal tackle for ledgering

Use a rod with a length from 4 to 4,5 meters, heavy feeders from 50/60g up to 150gr, you can use or feeders for grubs or method, line of 0,22mm/0,25mm and a terminal of 0,18/0,20mm, as a hook of 10/12.


Ideal tackle for spinning

Rod with a size of 2.70m with medium/heavy grammage, line of 0,30 and rubber baits for pikes or minnows.


Foto carpfishing in Drava>>


Lago Worther See

Place: Dellach – Portschach

Fishing season: all the year

The fish:

Chub:       *****

Bream:            ****

Arbour: ****

Pike:              **

Perch:    **

Carp:             **

Practised fishing tecn


Practised fishing tecniques:

Spinning from the boat, fishing with the float, ledgering.


Carpfishing Photo Worther See>>