CATCH OF THE DAY (Fly Fishing)

A nice char caught in the Chalk Stream! 18.8.2018

CATCH OF THE DAY (various techniques)

A nice  Carp caught with mais! 18.8.2018

COVER OF THE MONTH (Various Technique)

A beautiful carp catch on the Kucher Au lake 22.6.2018


Our friend Cedric Nolin with a beautiful Huco Huco catch in the Chalk Stream 22.6.2018

Our's Record

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Our's Video


Un CASTORO che nuota in SORGIVA

Release di uno spettacolare Huco

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Villach Land, Carinthia, Austria
Tel. Adriano 0043-6645307670 - 0043-6645307670
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GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 46°34'56.48"N

Longitude: 14° 1'13.30"E

Coming from Venice, follow the direction UDINE – TARVISIO, until you arrive to the intersection VILLACH, where you have to take the railway to LJUBLJANA/SLOVENIA.

Leave the railway at ST. NIKLAS, at the stop you go left in direction ROSEGG/ST. JAKOB, until, after ca. 7km you arrive to the place FRÖG, where immediately at your left is the AKTIV HOTEL GARGANTINI. From Venice to the hotel it takes circa two hours by car.

Have a safe journey!  

 Don’t forget to buy the road tax sticker for Austria’s highways, findable at Italy’s last Autogrill; it’s valid ten days and costs 7,80€. For further information:

Adriano 0043/6645307670

 Erika  0043/6643951805

Alberto 0043/6641736341