COVER OF THE MONTH (Various Technique)

Our friend Paolo with a big Huco Huco caught in the Drava river!


A beautiful Huco Huco caught in the Gail with fly fishing!


Sara with a beautiful carp caught in the Kucher Au lake!

Our's Record

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Un CASTORO che nuota in SORGIVA

Release di uno spettacolare Huco

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About us

Who we are.

Already more than 20 years the Gargantini family houses nature lovers and fisherman
in their hotel by offering the possibility to the guests, to follow their passion in more than 200 km of fish water, which are lovingly administered by the Aktiv Hotel Gargantini.
This large amount of waters is available exclusively and only for the guests of the Aktiv Hotel Gargantini.

The passion for fishing was passed from generation to generation in our family, from father to son, and today we are the third generation of fishermen.
The experiences, matured in all those years, allow us to offer the most ideal fishing to our guests, what means: we offer all the possible techniques of fishing. We would be very pleased to meeting you, offering our hospitality to you, getting to know you and to bestow an unforgettable fishing experience in our waters on you!

The three generations of fishermen

Francesco Senior

He was one of the pioneers of fly-fishing, already in the post-war period he attended to the atlantic- salon – fishing, in Europe, as well in America, assigning us the passion for fishing journeys and the respect for the nature.









I’m a fisherman for 50 years now. I immerged my fishing-rods in 4 continents, knowing the most famous anglers in the world.
This fishing experience helped me to arrive at our activity.
My successes are led by a greyling, which is an IGFA world record.
Currently I occupy myself with the logistics of our fish waters.




It’s since 23 years, that I am a fisherman and I maturated my experience fishing in Venezuela, Mongolia, Canada, Cuba, Sweden, oriental Siberia, Lake Baikal, Ireland, Capo Verde.

At the moment I am responsible for fly-fishing and the administration of our artificial fishing bait waters.

I also accomplish the activity of a guide for fly-fishing and mushroom picking.







Francesco Junior

I am a fisherman for more than 20 years now, and like my brother, I love fishing abroad: Venezuela, Cuba, Canada, Sweden, Kenya and Capo Verde.
I maturated my passion for spinning and the fishing with natural baits (Ledgering, Carp fishing, Bolognese).
Currently I am responsible for the management of our fish waters concerning spinning and fishing in general.
I am a fisher guide for every type of fishing and mushroom picking as well.



I am responsible for the management of the stuff, the hotel and, in a special way, for the kitchen, where I offer our guests typical Italian and some Austrian dishes.